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Aerial Cinematography

Top Of The Line Aerial Cinematography And Photography Services
Getting an aerial shot required huge budgets back in the day but with UAVs in the scene – the times are changing quickly. Traditional helicopter mounted cameras are a production house’s worst nightmares now. But thanks to the UAV technology, the costs are drastically reduced with drone mounted cameras. We at SoFly have a fleet of the best drones capable of mounting even the heaviest of cameras like REDs and ALEXAs. Our team of seasoned drone pilots will assist you in getting the best aerials for your film without compromising on quality as you can mount the same camera on our UAVs that you use for your project on ground.


With our systems you can mount the camera of your choice without compromising on quality.

Skilled Pilots

We have the top drone pilots in our team who can assist you in getting that complex shot you have thought.

Cost Effective

We have heavy payload drones that can lift professional cameras, the cost of deploying drones is way less than manned aircraft.

Unmatched Hardware

Our Hardware Expertise is unmatched, we have top of the line aircraft in our fleet.