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Survey & Inspection

Industry Leading Solutions For UAV Based Aerial Survey & Inspections
Transmission towers, Power lines, Oil and Gas pipelines, Railways, LPG/CNG detection – all of these and many other types of industrial survey & inspections are made safer, more efficient and hassle free with SoFly’s UAV based solutions.

Huge, intricate structures are best surveyed from the air. The list of benefits of unmanned aircrafts over their manned counterpart is long. It’s no wonder why UAVs have taken over the inspection Industry by storm. SoFly’s tailor made UAVs makes it possible to inspect high voltage power lines and wind turbines with ease. Our systems have undergone rigorous testing – their components can withstand high electrical fields.

Multi-Spectral Imaging

We have class leading Multi-spectral imaging sensors Including thermal, optical zoom and infrared. Capability of mounting multiple payloads gives us the flexibility of thorough inspection.

Experienced Pilots

We have top UAV pilots in our team, our pilots have the experience which is required for close inspection of intricate structures.

Cost Efficiency

Our processes give you the most cost efficient solutions.

Unmatched Hardware

Our Hardware Expertise is unmatched, we have top of the line aircraft in our fleet.