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Unmatched Precision Agriculture Solutions

In the agrarian industry technology is quite sought after and usage of UAVs in farming has totally revolutionized the precision agriculture scene globally. SoFly’s swappable payload UAVs enable Farmers, Agronomists, and Researchers gain valuable insight into the vitality of crops. Multispectral data captured can help analyze nutrients, moisture levels and identify and measure crop issues like diseases, pest problems, weeds, and characterize soil and vegetative cover. With all the data captured, an accurate predictive analysis and estimation of yield can be projected.

SoFly has in its fleet precision spray UAVs which can help in specifically targeting liquid fertilizers and pesticides which would significantly reduce the wastage and is 40-60 times faster than the traditional spraying methods. These UAVs ensure safe operations as there is no direct exposure to the chemicals unlike the conventional methods of spraying.

Cropcopter Mist

Spraying Drones

Introducing Cropcopter, your solution for efficient agriculture. Our series of drones, with capacities ranging from 5 to 20 liters, redefine how you approach spraying tasks. Cropcopter Mist seamlessly integrates precision spraying capabilities, optimizing resource use and crop growth. Its user-friendly interface simplifies planning, monitoring, and control, putting precision farming at your fingertips. Committed to sustainability, Cropcopter reduces waste and environmental impact. Built to endure, Cropcopter drones perform consistently in challenging conditions. Elevate your farming with Cropcopter and experience higher yields, cost savings, and a smarter, eco-friendly approach to agriculture. Explore our range today for a farming revolution.

Cropcopter Sow

Seeding Drones

Cropcopter presents a specialized series of agriculture drones designed exclusively for seeding tasks. These drones are engineered to streamline and optimize your seeding operations, making precision agriculture more accessible than ever. With Cropcopter, you can achieve precise seed placement and uniform distribution, ensuring optimal germination rates and crop growth. Whether you are seeding a small garden or a vast field, Cropcopter offers a range of capacities to suit your needs. Take control of your seeding with user-friendly interface and experience the future of farming with Cropcopter’s dedicated seeding drones. Explore our range today for efficient and productive seeding solutions.

Cropcopter Peek

NDVI Drones

Discover the Cropcopter series of agriculture drones tailored for NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) applications. These specialized drones are equipped with cutting-edge NDVI technology, enabling you to monitor crop health, identify stress factors, and optimize your farming practices with unprecedented accuracy. Cropcopter’s user-friendly interface and advanced data analytics make NDVI data collection and analysis accessible to all levels of farming expertise. Whether you’re managing a small garden or extensive fields, Cropcopter’s NDVI drones provide the insights you need for healthier, more productive crops. Elevate your farming strategy with Cropcopter and harness the power of NDVI precision. Explore our range today for smarter, data-driven agriculture.

Accurate Yield Projections

Multispectral data captured can help analyze a number of aspects. With all the data captured an accurate predictive analysis and estimation of yield can be projected

Early Detection

With the normalized difference vegetation index, early detection of crop disease and infests becomes easy.

Reduced Wastage

The aerial detect and deploy process helps in precise deployment of resources like water, pesticides and fertilizers which increases cost efficiency.

Unmatched Hardware

Our Hardware Expertise is unmatched, we have top of the line aircraft in our fleet.