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Aerial Logistics

Drone Based Logistic Solutions

We at SoFly have successfully tested our delivery system and are ready to deploy. The bridge between traditional surface and land transports has been captured by UAV based delivery. The sophisticated UAV technology at SoFly is capable of transporting delicate payloads like human organs required for transplant, swift supply in case of emergencies, parcel delivery and more.

Better Reach

Drones can deliver about anything anywhere, traditional logistic solutions are quite limited. Our solutions on the contrary are quite limitless.

Faster Deliveries

Our Systems are easy to setup and can be deployed quickly in situations where you need to deliver emergency supplies.

Cost Effective

With the capability of reaching places with no rail/road networks drones offer quite cost efficient logistics.

Unmatched Hardware

Our Hardware Expertise is unmatched, we have top of the line aircraft in our fleet.