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Need and expectations of the military are different and highly specific. You require ruggedized products that can deliver optimum performance in all types of terrain and adverse climates. We have developed an intrinsic understanding of your needs from years of our experience in designing specialized products for the military. We evaluate the specific requirements and offer highly customized solutions to suit the needs of the users within the budgetary limitations.

Wyng Olive

A complete software solution

Wyng Olive is SoFly’s highly customized and versatile software solution designed specifically keeping the military needs in mind. It can be installed on any commercial drone and is loaded with features.


Fire Direction Drones for Artillery

Fury series of drones are specially crafted for target acquisition and fire direction of military long range weapon systems like Artillery Guns, Rockets and mortars. Our drones are your eyes in the sky for day and night surveillance and intelligence collection for Beyond Visual Range (BVR) targets. These drones are equipped with sophisticated software employing complex algorithms for instantaneous acquisition of target coordinates as well as adjustment of weapon fire on the target.


Security and Surveillance Drones

The Raker series of drones are your eyes in the sky. They make an ideal product to fulfill all your surveillance and security needs. They have a low aural signature and offer a wide variety of payload options such as high resolution day and night cameras, thermal imagers and infrared sensors.


Logistic Drones

Maultier is SoFly’s answer to the problems of delivering payloads to inaccessible places. These drones come in different sizes with the larger ones capable of carrying payloads up to 80 kilograms. Whether it is delivery of supplies to mountain tops, transfer of loads across rivers, delivery of relief material during natural disaster – the possibilities are immense!


Crowd Control Drones

Regler drones are unique in their own way. Need to manage a large gathering of people? Control a mob? Ensure public order? Don’t worry. Regler is here to help you out. Equipped with public announcement systems and sirens, Regler is ideal for managing large crowds during public gatherings, law and order situations, curfew enforcement, firefighting and mass gatherings. They are equally advantageous for the police, military and event organizers.